Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Garden Update - Final Report for 2009

A few days ago we had our first frost (as documented in LJ). I managed to save the garden by covering it with a tarp. Well, the night before last we had a HARD freeze with nighttime temps in the 20's. Then it snowed yesterday. When I pulled back the tarp, everything had died. Oh well. It was bound to happen. I was just hoping it would have held off for a couple of weeks to try to get a few more tomatoes and peppers. So overall how well did the garden produce? Pretty damn good! Here are the totals for the year. Yes, I made sure I counted every vegetable that was harvested.

Cucumbers: 8
Bell peppers: 5
Zucchini: 18
Eggplant: 14
Green chile: 30
Green Beans: 85
Tomatoes: 102
Serrano peppers: 221
Watermelon: 4

Cucumbers got a late start but produced nicely towards the end. They needed more room.

Bell Peppers: Started off good and then got shaded out by the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes started dying off, the plants flourished again. I left a couple of not-quite-ripe ones on the plants.

Zucchini did very well. I did have an infestation of squash bugs which killed one mound and severely impacted another. Next year I need to be more vigilant when the little bastards show up.

Eggplant: Started off very strong and then a problem arose with the fruits not ripening towards the end. They probably needed a little more sunlight.

Green chile: They did pretty good considering they got horribly crowded out by the tomatoes. I was harvesting right up to the killing frost and even left a couple on the plant. *cries*

Green Beans: As an afterthought I think they turned out quite good. They were overcrowded, however, and it was hard to harvest properly. I left several on the plants as they were hidden by foliage.

Tomatoes: I think we overdid the number of plants and they took over. Another problem was that the cages I used to keep them growing up ended up falling over. I wound up with tomato bushes which took over everything. Next year I will push the cages deeper into the soil as well as not buying as many plants.

Serrano peppers: Wow! A little goes a long way! We had 4 plants and they just kept producing and producing! I think they were very happy in this climate. I left quite a few on the plants. I managed to salvage some which were not included in the count.

Watermelon: This was a disaster! Not only did the vines take over much of the garden (and some of the lawn), but the results were dismal. The few that I harvested that were basketball sized never really ripened. When I cut them open they were white and bitter. Only one really tasted nice and sweet. I still have a couple on the kitchen counter that need to be cut open. I will definitely NOT be planting them next year.

So next year will make more of a "salsa garden." I will have a pepper patch with a few more varieties of peppers. I will plant only 4 tomatoes and make sure they are properly caged. Zucchini and eggplant will definitely be back as well. I also really enjoyed fresh-steamed green beans, so they will probably make a return as well. I will try to keep things a little better organized and give plants a little more space.

Now comes the sad task of pulling out all of the dead plants and getting the bed ready for next Spring!
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