Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Halloween Musings

Today was Zoo Boo at the Rio Grande Zoo. For the 1st time in 6 years, there was no NM Furry presence. The event used to be the highlight of my fursuiting year. What was not to love?!? There were thousands of kids, many dressed in cute animal costumes, and everyone loved to get a pic with the the big polar or brown bear. I guess the constant begging for some sort of acceptance from the zoo was what finally did it in for me. Every year I would call up and try to get some strings pulled to get us a headless lounge. Every year there would be a sigh and a "we'll see what we can do." Granted, when push came to shove, we were no different than any other person from the public who had an extravagant costume. Why should the zoo bend over backwards just for us? Well, you would think that SOMEONE would have seen the line of people waiting to get a pic with the critters. We thought we were adding something to the Zoo Boo experience. We were not there JUST for ourselves. We wanted to spread the love. It was a zoo, for Pete's sake. Shouldn't big cuddly mascots be something that should be embraced as part of the theme? *shrugs* I guess it just gets old after awhile begging folks for gigs or opportunities to suit. That's probably why I have leaned towards guerrilla suiting more and more. I'm gonna suit on my terms, when and where I choose. I still love Wildlife West because they actually call me and ask if I would like to perform at an event. I guess I'll even take the half-assed acceptance of the City when I show up in Old Town on Xmas Eve. The person responsible for the event doesn't ask me to perform but just sort of expects I'll show up which is just fine by him. In year's past I have bypassed Oklacon because it might conflict with Zoo Boo. I don't that will be the case next year.

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