Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Road to MFF '09

I'll be hitting the road tomorrow for Chicago. I thought I would apologize in advance because I plan on using LJ like Twitter over the next few days. Don't expect a flood of posts, but I am usually Mr One-post-a-day. If I make 3 or 4, that's really something! Actually, I just plan on documenting my progress every so often so that Kitty knows I'm ok and if I disappear off the face of the planet, there will be a starting point to start looking. My! Isn't that cheerful! The first night will hopefully be in Dodge City, KS. There is a weather system moving in, but I hope to stay just in front of it. I will be hitting Chicago by Monday, spending a couple days with mom, picking up Kitty at Midway on Wednesday, and then hitting the Westin that evening.

So be prepared for a flurry of short posts about dipshit drivers, trainspotting, and the wonderful scenery of Kansas and Missouri. I'll hopefully have time to read LJ in motels while downing a 40.
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