Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Taste of Retirement

I'm back at the old orifice today. It was almost good to be back. I had started to go a little crazy without the usual routine. It got me thinking if that was how things would be after I retire. I was only gone 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I put in a round trip to Chicago, a con, and a holiday with lots of houseguests. Without my usual routine I found myself drinking more, waking up later, going to bed earlier, and probably eating too much. Now while it was fun, I could see how a person could go totally to hell in a matter of a few months. Here I thought it would be great with nothing to do, but doing nothing DOES get old very quickly. Even if I were to travel a whole bunch, as I found out when I was in Chicago, *clicks heels* there's no place like home! I wanted my own kitchen, my computer, my tv, and most especially my pets. It will be very interesting to see how my attitudes change over time. I guess I am a creature of habit and routine. How does one fill up the time without falling into the trap of sitting on the couch with a beer while watching Judge Judy all day?
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