Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Kabluey" -review

A long time ago someone posted a trailer for a movie called "Kabluey". It looked sort of interesting since it involved a guy who was forced to become a corporate mascot. Well, it finally hit the top of our Netflix queue the other day.

Overall it was a pretty good flick. Being a small, independent film, it was filled with quirkiness which I enjoyed. The plot is that a mother struggles to cope with life due to her husband being deployed to Iraq. She finally asks her brother-in-law to help although he is a total loser. The highlight in his life is getting stoned on fumes from the laminator at the print shop where he worked (before getting fired for getting stoned). He fails at taking care of the kids, so he is forced to get a job as a mascot for a dying dot-com. The suit looks like the AOL running man. I actually kinda liked it in a weird fursuiting kind of way. The proportions of the suit reminded me of quasiskunk's adventure as Miffy the Bunny.

So he does the mascot gig and really hates it. He goes through all of the typical humiliation a mascot must endure when placed in a comedy movie. Eventually he does a kids' party and finally starts to realize the power of the suit. His nephews see him in a "destroying the illusion" moment, but rather than getting freaked out, they find a new admiration for their uncle. Eventually he finds new confidence in himself. Does that sound familiar to any suiter out there?

So overall it was a pretty good flick. If you are a fursuiter, you might find his adventures pretty funny. Some of them included taking a piss, drinking a beer, and running into all sorts of eccentric characters. As I mentioned, as a suiter I found a lot of humor in the flick. Give it a rent if you see it around.

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