Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Back to Life

I drove back from Denver yesterday. It was once again a nice uneventful trip as the snow stayed up in the high country. Today was designated "decompression day" as I get ready for a somewhat busy week. The biggest thing that I had to do today was give Nevada a bath. I did do some guerrilla fursuiting in Boulder on Friday and my foot paws got completely and totally covered in muddy slush. When I walked, the dirty water then splashed up onto my legs. So it was off to the laundromat this morning for a nice cleaning. The paws are still a little grey, but they're a whole lot better than a couple of days ago. I have a gig at work on Wednesday as Santa Bear, so I hope he's all dried, brushed, floofed, and ready to perform by then.

Speaking of the fursuiting outing, here are some pics from the event! anya_silverfur and myself had a great time (as mentioned in Friday's post). I also forgot to mention that we were not the only suiters in Boulder on Friday. While we were enjoying beer at the Mountain Sun Pub, a group of about 6 folks in cheap rental store suits came strolling in. I was extremely happy about this! Even non-furries are getting into the whole "guerrilla fursuiting" thing! It was like an episode of Trigger Happy TV! Unfortunately my camera was out in the vehicle at the time.

No, Nevada! Not THAT type of fetish!

My "schtick" this evening was walking up to store/restaurant windows and looking in for handouts. I loved watching people looking up and jumping back with "OMGWTF!" expressions.

These little girls loved the big polar bear.

Anya was also gettin' lots of furry luv.

Ever since I started coming to Boulder for classes/meetings I have always wanted to get a pic in front of this bear statue. Mission accomplished! Too bad the Mongolian BBQ is no longer there.
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