Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Thursday Random Bits

We had our office Xmas party yesterday. I was once again tagged to be Santa Bear although there were only 2 kids in attendance. One was a little boy around 1 who really didn't care but who liked to pet the furry thing and one was a little girl around 2 who wanted nothing to do with the bear, but was very fascinated by him. The office manager wanted to get a pick on Santa Bear's lap. *blush* So overall it was a fun gig, although very brief. For the "dirty Santa" game I ended up with a pretty sweet prize. Someone ahead of me ended up with a raccoon salt and pepper shaker. It was so damn cute! The actual salt and pepper containers were garbage cans. *lol* The person who got it was not happy at all. He thought he was going to be stuck with it, but I came to his rescue. I actually said, "You're very lucky that I am into kitsch and I'm a furry." He was then able to get another present which was much more to his liking.

As an update to my Brian Setzer post, his Facebook page said it was a combination of altitude, vertigo, and dehydration. He was able to do his show in Phoenix the next day. Like I said before, I can certainly understand that. I just hope no drugs and/or alcohol were involved.

I had another childhood flashback this morning. As I was about to walk into the office, the person in front of me opened the door using the handicap button. She made a comment about "the magic door" and I instantly remembered a t.v. show I watched as a child that was locally produced in Chicago called "The Magic Door." Within seconds I was singing the theme song which I probably hadn't heard in almost 40 years. What was funny about the show is that it was actually a Jewish religious show that aired on Sunday mornings. I had no idea it was a religious show! Looking at comments I found on the web about the show, many kids just like me had no idea we were being indoctrinated into the Jewish faith. *lol* To us it was just a kids' show at a time in the day when there were no other kid shows on. I also found several websites that dealt with Chicago TV nostalgia. Oh man! "The Gigglesnort Hotel!" "BJ and Dirty Dragon!" Of course there were classics like "Ray Rayner and Friends" and "Garfield Goose." Holy crap! What memories! I'm sure bjbuttons would also remember some of these great shows.
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