Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Crackin' My Nuts

Here I am, at the office on Christmas Eve. That can mean only one thing; "The Nutcracker" is cranking out of my computer speakers. This makes about 18 years straight that I have upheld this tradition. I bought the cd's at Costco in Yakima, WA in either '91 or '92. On the last day before Xmas vacation, I always play the cd's. This year they were ripped to .mp3 so I don't have to worry about the wear on the discs. The office is quiet otherwise. My co-worker and I will head over to Carl's Jr for a tasty burger at lunchtime and then we're off for the rest of the day. Tonight I will don my gay apparel, i.e. a fursuit, and entertain all of the folks who come to Old Town to take in the holiday lights. Hopefully there will be lots of pics tomorrow!

I should also mention that we have been having a great few days as of late. zippiner and skitzycat invited us over for dinner on Tue. Then last night we invited them over for cake to celebrate gavyn_lumier's b-day. He will be flying out of ABQ (hopefully) today to head home for the holidays. He, Kitty, myself, and scritchwuff had a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant last night to celebrate his b-day as well as the holidays. For what is supposed to be one of the better Japanese restaurants in ABQ, we were less than impressed. The company was very enjoyable, though. It's having friends like this that make me very thankful for all that I have. That also goes for the majority of you out there. Some we have met FTF, others not. To those on the "not" list, I hope that can be changed in the future. Either way, I luvs ya all. I hope you have a great Christmas and get everything you want. Just don't post it to LJ on the 26th! *LOL*
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