Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fursuiting on the Plaza '09

As I have been posting, I fursuited the ABQ Old Town Plaza on Xmas Eve. This would be the 4th year that I have done this. I would say that this was a "guerrilla" event, but when we showed up and met the person from the city who was in charge of the event, his greeting of "I was hoping you guys would show up!" made it almost seem like we were expected at the event. I could probably cut-and-paste my reports from previous years and it would apply to this year. We were welcomed with open paws, we posed for dozens and dozens of pics, and we added to the whole "Xmas experience" to those that were in attendance. It was so wonderful to hear from people, "Oh! Yay! We were hoping you'd be back again this year!" It was also great to hear from Kitty who was our handler, "OMG! Someone just slipped me $5!" People were sooooo appreciative! YAY! That's what I was hoping for! Once again the vibe was so positive.

Many thanks to scritchwuff for suiting with me. Also, many thanks to the NM Furs that showed up to have a fun time with us!

OMG! Furrehs!!!1!

There! This is MUCH better!

Yay! More happy kids!
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