Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Years Eve Party

Woohoo! Welcome 2010! I began the year on a high note, IN FURSUIT! (say it Mr Cougar!) Of course I had to pop my top soon after midnight to kiss my Kitty and take a swig of the tasty champagne that we bought in Mexico in August. I think we had about 20 folks over at Fur Central during the course of the night.

The party began around 5 o'clock. deviantvixen had come over to help Kitty roll sushi. Oh yes! This bear definitely pounced on the tasty tuna! People arrived all evening bringing lots of tasty eats and drinks. OMG! We developed a new drink called the Colombian Necktie. chucklemagne brought over coca leaf liqueur which we mixed with Tanqueray Rangpur. *drools* Since I wanted to stay in control for as long as possible I only had a sip, but it was a martini to die for! Much of the evening was spent watching dvds of "TV Funhouse." It was just a very chill party. Those that wanted to drink could imbibe in as much as they wanted as long as their keys were deposited in the "safe drawer." There was always plenty of food. If you wanted to just hang out and talk, there was plenty of room. Hopefully we provided a comfortable place to welcome in the new year.

This morning I cooked up a big hearty breakfast for the 2 people who remained. There's nothing quite like big sausage breakfast burritos with green chile to cure a hangover!
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