Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Lovin' the 21st Century

I was going to do a rant about FedEx last week, but since the package arrived yesterday, I am feeling much better. Looking at the tracking online was good for lulz. The package left Sacramento before Xmas and then went back to Sacramento a day later before finally making it to LA. It then took about a week to get to Denver. In Denver the package was handed over to the Postal Service. WTF?!? Anyway...the package arrived safe and sound. What was in the package? I converter box to pull in Netflix movies off of the Internet.

I can definitely see that this is the coming wave in home entertainment! I know albear will laugh at me since he and dexter_fox have been enjoying Netflix movies online for awhile now. They run a connector from a computer to their t.v. The box eliminates the need for a computer. It was a much lower cost option than a PS3 or a BluRay player which can also be used for the same purpose. Also, the box is wireless capable. Some of the other methods required a wired connection.

I just find it incredibly cool to be able to watch a huge array of movies instantly for no extra cost than what we're already paying for the DVD service. Sure, they're largely older movies, t.v. shows, and documentaries, but there is a LOT of cool stuff to be found! I thought that having an On Demand service from the cable company would be awesome. What I didn't realize was that their selection was full of suck. Oh! There are 1st run movies! Yeah, at $5-$6 a pop! Eat me! As I mentioned, the Netflix service is included in the subscription price. I dig that idea! I'd be happy to pay $30-40 a month for unlimited movies that I could watch on demand where the movies are something I'd want to watch. The days of watching WHAT THEY want you to watch WHEN THEY want you to watch are coming to an end. Viva la revolution!
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