Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Pre-FC report

I had been wanting to make a report about our trip from LA to San Jose, but I just never had the time. Kitty and I actually had a very nice couple of days between the time we left The Domain and our arrival at the Fairmont.

I drove up the 101 to Gaviota Pass. I then turned the driving over to Kitty where it proceeded to pour for the next 100 miles. I then took over again where the Sun decided to pop out and shine gloriously. We had decided to spend the night in Monterey. After a tasty lunch of Afghani food, we drove down Highway 1 towards Big Sur. We could have spent the $9 to take the 17-mile drive, but why pay when there's plenty of gorgeous ocean views to be had for free. With the approaching storm the ocean was wonderfully violent. I spent a lot of time just photographing the crashing waves. I was constantly using the Seinfeld line, "The sea was angry that day, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli." The nasty weather actually made the drive more enjoyable especially with lightning flashing all around us. We ended the day with a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant at Lover's Point.

The next morning the weather was still crappy. That put Kitty in a bad mood. With much prodding and betchslapping I finally got her motivated to go to the aquarium down the street. On the way we stopped in an art gallery that had a lovely bear print in the window. I gagged when I saw the $2000 price tag. I resisted telling the gallery owner that I could probably pick up a nice Dark Natasha original at FC of equal quality for less than half the price. I also had to hold back a chuckle when she started describing how the artist gave the bears an almost-human quality. Oh! You mean ANTHROPOMORPHIC? *lol* I know nothing of that! BTW, the artist's name is Robert Bissel. If you like bear or bunny art, you should check out his work. It IS really nice stuff, just not at that price.

I have heard great things about the Monterey Aquarium for years. I finally got a chance to see it in person! I must say that I was most impressed with it! They had spectacular exhibits of jellyfish and sea horses. Their main tanks were huge! I could have done without a lot of the "play" stuff set up for kids, but I guess they are pushing the whole edu-fun concept. It was also very nice just to go out on the balcony and stare out over the bay. The weather cleared nicely, and it turned into a gorgeous day. Kitty's mood had also improved greatly, so the day ended up being a wonderful one. Later we would find out that kamiten was there at the exact same time we were! We either passed each other without knowing or were at different ends of the huge complex at the same time.

We headed off to a pizza place for a late lunch. Imagine our surprise when the emergency alert system went off with a report of a possible tornado near Santa Cruz. There was also a severe storm hitting Big Sur which was heading north. We decided we should get up to San Jose as quickly as possible.

So that was the trip leading up to the con. Here are a few pics from those days.
Angry Ocean

Big Sur

Mr Moray

Incredible seahorse

Pretty reef fish
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