Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

FC Report

Yeah, I know. You're probably all sick of con reports. I just wanted to get mine down in LJ so I can compare notes at a later time. Perhaps there are tidbits of information that you can find useful next year.

Overall the con was good. There were a few moments, especially in the early days, when I started thinking that this would be my last FC for a little while. My "meh" mood from a few days earlier had carried forward. The vibe just didn't seem to be there.

I'd say the turning point was Saturday night when we had our "Furs of Enchantment" room party. Things started off VERY slowly, but soon the room was full of people. It was great to hang out with friends again.

On the fursuiting front this was the first con where I didn't bring a "conventional" suit. I brought a kigurami. I brought Bad Bunny. I brought Quewe. I brought Pedobear. It felt kinda weird not having a suit I could just easily put on and go to have fun. Pedobear was once again warmly received by most folks although I did sometimes get the vibe that people thought I was from 4chan or SA. Of course one of the most talked about moments was when some kids came running up to snag some free candy. I turned it into a demotivational poster. Credit goes to taren_ for the great pic.

I suited in him again on Sunday just because I had some more free candy to give away. scritchwuff, fox_cub and I really pushed the boundaries of good taste as we strolled around the con with Scritch in cub mode and Fox wearing a NAMBLA license plate.

People have been complaining about parking at the con, but here's a little tip. The underground lot across the street (under Johnny Rockets) is free on the weekend. If you get to the con on Thursday or Friday, just snag a fresh parking ticket on Sunday when the booth is unmanned. I was amazed to find out that the ticket machine is not pressure sensitive to issue a ticket. If they ever fix that glitch, all you have to do is drive out and drive right back in.

Perhaps the biggest improvement at this con was the availability of food. It is incredibly awesome to have a grocery store only a block away. Their sushi was very tasty. If you ventured another couple of blocks further you came to Flames Restaurant. At first we thought it was a higher-end steak house, but it was actually a completely wonderful upscale diner. We ate breakfast there twice. If you missed it this year, definitely check it out next. One morning we went another couple of block further to Peanuts Diner. This is a more traditional college eatery where everything is really cheap. They charge for coffee refills, though, so that earns FAIL points. What was funny was that Kitty used to eat there all of the time when she was going to school. The owner recognized her immediately even though she hadn't been there in years! Of course we had murrburgers a.k.a. In-n-Out. We were happy to discover that there is a new one relatively close by near the airport.

In terms of panels, I actually attended one this con! I went to hear the GOHs Fry and Lewis talk about their history in cartooning as well as getting their strip turned into a movie. It was a fascinating talk! They were also happy to autograph my dvd.

I also bought some art. When you walked into the main art show there was a wonderful 3-panel piece called "Bounce" with a rabbit on a trampoline. It made me so happy that I just had to bid on it. I now have to find a nice big wall space at Fur Central to hang it.

The patron luncheon at this con was full of fail. When someone is paying as much as myself to enjoy the privileges of being a sponsor, I expect a little more than cheap salad and pasta.

The opening ceremony buffet was FAR superior. I gorged myself on several types of gourmet cheeses. Mmmmmm. The almonds, figs, and cranberries were also extremely yummy.

I didn't spend a lot of time in the dealers' den. As many have complained, it was way too claustrophobic of an experience.

That's pretty much it. I think I have finally decided to make the trek to San Jose again next year. Like any big con it was hard to connect with a lot of folks. The moments I did have with others, however, were certainly good times. That's what it's all about.
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