Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Movie Post

Finally saw "Inglorious Basterds" the other day. That makes 4 out of 10 "Best Picture" nominees. Right now it's at the top of my list. "The Hurt Locker" should arrive via Netflix today. "A Serious Man" will hopefully arrive by next week but it's availability is currently classified as "long wait."

We also saw "Moon" which a few people on my F.L. had favorably reviewed when it was out in theaters. Oh yes! I concur! It's a wonderful piece of science fiction!

Last night I watched "State of Play." Ya know, I'm REALLY sick of the "political thriller" genre. Anything that has to do with villainous corporations and political scandals where everyone is out to get you has been done to death. Be creative or stop making these kinds of movies! Boring!

In the documentary world I watched a little film called, "Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa" about a bunch of hippies and gun-toting recluses who live out in the desert near Taos. It was a very interesting look into the lives of people who just want to be left-the-fuck alone. I could certainly identify with some of the stuff they were saying. I'm just not sure about living in a community where it seems like most folks just want to smoke dope and shoot guns.

Speaking of documentaries, I predict the winner of this year's Oscar will go to "Food Inc.". It was slickly produced and dealt with a subject with which we can all identify; how corporate farming is making America sick and obese. It certainly made me want to eat more organic and "real" food. I still have a soft spot for Taco Bell when I'm traveling, but I will definitely think twice before chowing down a lot on fast food or packaged foods. I also can't wait to get my garden growing!

When I made my post a few weeks ago about having watched most of last year's Oscar nominees I realized that I had missed a movie. "The Visitor" earned a Best Actor nomination for Richard Jenkins. It was actually a wonderful little film that was pretty much overlooked. It certainly made one think about how life can dramatically change over a stupid little mistake.

So that's what the bear (and sometimes the Kitty) has been watching. Until next time...the balcony is closed. (I'm really showing my age with that)
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