Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Car Bombs!

We had a very successful meet last night. There were 14 folks in all. We got our drink on starting about 5, and the fun didn't stop until 10. Most folks opted to drink early and then recover for the rest of the evening. I was busy playing host, so I just had a few black-and-tans while preparing food. There were many Irish car bombs consumed throughout the party. I finally had one towards the end of the festivities so as not to get too wasted. I must say that it was very tasty!

The party overall was a very mellow affair. We never even got around to watching any movies because everyone was happy just talking, drinking, and eating. A hookah was brought out so the party moved out onto the patio for awhile. We're finally getting some Spring-like temps which made being outside very enjoyable. 2 other dogs also showed up at the party, so there was much enjoyment watching 3 pups play and frolic in the yard for hours. I would say that the party was an unqualified great time! Here's to being social again!
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