Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


We went to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" on Friday night. Of course I wanted to see it from a "fursuiting" standpoint. I'm not much on puppets, but the skills that the performers used to bring the smaller dinosaurs to life were pretty darn impressive. Overall it was good "edu-tainment" as the narrator laid the storyline of the Mesozoic Era from Triassic to Jurassic to Cretaceous. I would say that the show was mainly geared towards kids which was just fine with me. If the show encourages kids to become geologists, that's a big win. The boys which were sitting in back of us were fun to listen to as they knew all of the names of the dinos and would burst out with comments like "Awesome!" when velociraptors were shown eating a dino corpse. The show's finale was of course T-Rex. I tried taking some pics w/o flash, but the slow shutter speed caused too much blurring. I did manage to get at least one nice T-Rex pic.

Our dino-madness continued the next day when we watched "Land of the Lost" courtesy of Netflix. Yeah, there was a reason why it was nominated for worst movie of 2010. Even the one nice vore scene couldn't make me recommend this turkey. I do, however, want a Sleeztak suit!
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