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Home at last

Oy! I meant to post this about 12 hours ago, but I got hammered and forgot to hit update before shutting down. I just wanted to relax totally, so I curled up with an extra martini. I woke up around midnight in the arms of my giant teddy bear. *LOL* I'm a bad bear.

Anyway...I'm home. It took a grand total of 18 hours to get from Pendleton to Albuquerque. It was an uneventful drive for the most part. I had one cop in Boise that was an asshole. He was cruising along at exactly 55. I passed him doing 56. He got all pissed off at me and kept signaling me to slow down, but I ignored him. Someone got on the freeway doing 60, and so he sped up to harass him instead. I never wanted to flip off a cop that badly before.

Weather wasn't a major factor. I could see that the Elkhorns in Oregon and the Sawtooths in Idaho were getting dumped on. I got a little worried near Salt Lake City when I saw massive snow clouds rolling out of the Wasatch. Rather than stop in Provo, I pushed on to Green River. I had to contend with fatigue, mountain roads, darkness, and snow. Obviously I made it, but it wasn't too fun. Not too far after Soldier Summit the storm cleared and I was treated to a glorious sky full of stars.

And now, life resumes. Bleh!
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