Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mad World

Last night I was surfing E-Music, my source for online music, checking out the latest release from The New Pornographers. I then started randomly searching for other tracks. For some reason I though about the old Tears for Fears song "Mad World." I already had the song since I not only own TFF's Greatest Hits on cd but also the original album "The Hurting" on vinyl. What I was looking for was the remake that was included in the movie "Donnie Darko." I forgot who sang it, transforming a straight-ahead rock/pop song into a moving, slow ballad. So I did a search on "Mad World." I was amazed to see over 50 songs with the same name. I started clicking on samples. OMG! About 30 of them were all remakes of the TFF song! There was everything from metal to techno to rap to muzak. There was even a cover done by a performer who called himself Don E Dark O. I had no idea that song was so popular! Finally I found what I was looking for. The version from the movie was done by Gary Jules. So after listening to 30 versions of the same song I decided it was time for bed. Kitty had turned on the t.v. earlier and just left it on. What was playing? "Donnie Darko!" It was the ending scene from the movie and the song was playing. Creepy!
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