Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Otto: Day 3

I bet you never thought that you would ever hear me say this, but here it goes. I'm getting too old for this. Seriously! After 3 days of fursuit performance, I'm beat!

It could possibly be due to the fact that today was one of the best gigs I have ever done. I was on! It started out on a rather sour note in that we were a bit late arriving at the venue in Santa Fe. By the time I had suited up, all but one class was already situated in their classrooms. The one class I did get to interact with seemed to be very receptive. Things were a little better than last year in that I was given an actual dressing room for a headless lounge. Last year I had to make due with a family bathroom and a storage area. When I went out to meet the kids as they changed classrooms, I picked up a very positive vibe. I was immediately pounced by a class wanting their picture taken. During the next break I met another class which was very happy to meet me. Then came lunch. I went outside to interact with all of the different classes and was immediately mobbed. I had a very good handler who didn't allow anyone to even come close to messing with my tail or whiskers. One school was predominantly Hispanic with the kids mainly speaking Spanish. I could tell by the expression on some of their faces that they had never interacted with any sort of mascot character before. And then I heard the dreaded phrase, "Hey, Otto! Autograph my shirt!" The floodgates were immediately thrown open, and soon I was signing "Otto!" on about 100 t-shirts. Gah! The exact same thing happened last year! I spent at least 30 minutes straight signing autographs (or Ottographs as they were soon known by). I took a well-deserved break in my headless lounge where I devoured a tasty sammich. I could tell that Santa Fe school system had a little more money because the sammich was a deluxe roast beef and brie on black olive bread as opposed to my Subway ham sammich I received in Carlsbad. But I digress. I then did my usual schtick of seeing the kids onto their buses. OMG! It was once again a huge hug fest. My ego exploded when I kept hearing comments like "You're so awesome, Otto!" Every class wanted to drag me onto their bus and take me home with them. When the last bus departed I collapsed into a sweaty, furry pile. I have one more day to go tomorrow. My body is aching and I want to crawl into bed even though it's not even 9 o'clock yet. Talk about a labor of love.
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