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The day went along as usual until I went to see "The Matrix Reloaded." Of course it messed with my mind and I once again thought about my life as some Matrix-esque type of reality. I started to get depressed about life in general especially seeing all sorts of happy loving couples on the street. I cheered up while walking the dog when I stopped to listen to a meadowlark sing its happy tune while nighthawks swooped high above. The sunset painted the Sandias a wonderful watermelon pink. I turned on the tube while eating dinner and watched "Will & Grace," a show I have never watched. Tonight's episode was about a gay man coming out of the closet to Will and being rejected. Oh yeah. I really need to be seeing this. Back to depression. I got online and saw that my dearest furiends were on. We chatted for a long time about relationships, and I started feeling better. I had been considering a trip to LA over the 4th of July to visit furiends, but that had become another rollercoaster. Things may yet work out. So I started to feel better again. Just before making this entry I went ahead and ordered my next fursuit. I am getting a lovely raccoon. Wheeeeee! The rollercoaster is getting fun! So now I'm heading for hibernation on a high note. Let's see if I can top it all off with a good furry dream.
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