Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Weekend Fit for a King....I Mean Czar.

This past weekend could best be described as "interesting." On Friday we picked up czar_wolfhound who will be doing some field work up in the Four Corners area over the next several weeks. I agreed to give him a ride up there on Sunday. Unfortunately his flight was delayed a bit so we didn't have a lot of time to hang out on Friday night. It was just dinner at Gardunos so he could start to build up the green chile levels in his body.

On Saturday we just did chores and shopping in the morning. Part of that included runs to Home Despot so I could once again repair the irrigation system in the back yard, a local supermarket for fresh produce, and Costco to load up on meat for the BBQ. I took Czar up on the mesa so he could see where I walk every day and post about so frequently. I think he also liked the petroglyph panel in back of the house. Temps climbed above 100 in the afternoon, so we just hung out and did a lot of nothing. Later scritchwuff and ari_foxy showed up and I threw some steaks on the grill. I'm finally getting the hang of properly grilling steak! I have always liked my steak cooked medium well. It seems that everyone else likes theirs rare to medium rare. By cooking simply by time (with thickness considered) I ended up cooking everyone's steak perfectly. I'm also leaning more and more towards medium nowadays for myself.

The fun of the evening happened when I heard a chirp/bark coming from the loft. The chipmunk was up there! Now Kitty wanted me to make a public apology for betchslaping her in my last post when she swore up and down that she had captured the chipmunk in the bathroom. When I got home and went to capture the chipmunk, lo and behold, it wasn't in there. I got extremely pissed off with her because the story changed from "definitely" in the bathroom to "maybe" in the bathroom. So I don't really owe her an apology because I never doubted the chipmunk was still in the house. I just doubted that every time she cried "Chipmunk!" that it was actually there.

Now back to the story...
I go up into the loft and see the chipmunk! All 5 of us crowd into the loft and begin constructing barriers to funnel the little bastard into someone's plastic bin. I flushed it out once. It ran around. It went back into its hiding area. We tried again. Once again it ran around and disappeared somewhere. Lesson learned: Never have gay guys trying to hunt a small rodent. All you end up with are shrieking girly-men when it runs right at them. So the chipmunk is STILL on the loose! On Sunday I bought some traps. These are not nice little catch-and-release traps. These are good ol' fashioned snap-a-neck traps. I have had it with this little fucker! I want him dead!

On Sunday we drove Czar up to the Four Corners area after giving him another fix of green chile. The drive was wonderfully uneventful. We arrived too early at his motel so we took a drive to the Four Corners Power Plant. I had been wanting to find this place for years. It has a mine-to-plant electric railway that supplies the plant with coal. Unfortunately it's largely private property with heavy truck traffic so it's not a place to mess around with. I only saw a train at a distance, so no pics. What I did get a pic of was Shiprock reflected off of the large cooling lake outside of the plant. I'll have to post a pic tomorrow. We then dropped Czar off at his motel and made our way back to ABQ. On the way we hit a few thunderstorms as well as a nasty dust storm which reduced visibility to near zero on I-40 for a brief period. We made it home safely, though, and just chilled on the patio, watching lightning flashes in the distance.
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