Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Orleans Pics

I realized the other day that all the pics I took on the recent trip to New Orleans had been uploaded onto my laptop only. I had meant to upload some to my LJ scrapbook as well as my desktop at home, but I simply forgot. OK. I took care of that! So here are several of the better pics from the trip. I hope you enjoy!


Another gator shot. I can't remember how many of these guys we saw on our trip into the bayou, but there were lots!

I saw this sign and immediately thought of bucktowntiger. We had dinner there. How did Bucktown taste? Delicious! Best catfish evar!

Bourbon St at dusk

Yeah. It's a classy place

Oh look! Something Awful has a mascot!

St Louis Cathedral with creepy Jesus shadow and full Moon

Typical French Quarter

The Blue Dog. The art of George Rodrigue is all over the city. For some reason it always reminded me of ziabandito555.

The St Charles Ave trolley. As seen in "The Princess and the Frog!"

There are beads all over the place! This was in the Garden District near a trolley stop. There were beads hanging from the trolley wires as well.

One of the above-ground cemeteries. This one is in the Garden District.
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