Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


There has been a little drama floating around last week about a fur that stirred up some drama after not getting any yiff at a con. I thought it was pretty 'tarded that he said he had a lousy con specifically because he didn't "get some." What I found equally 'tarded were some of the comments that were made to the drama post. Some were along the lines of, "He was going to have sex with a stranger?!? Ewwwww! Stupid Furry!" Oh yes! The concept of having sex with a stranger is just so totally gross and foreign! I guess some people have never heard about the concept of "the one-night stand" or "the hook up." Either the people who were making the comments were 12 years old or they have drunk deeply from the religious Kool-Aid. If you are one of those folks who thinks that sex is special and should only be shared between lovers, that's fine. I respect that belief. Just don't go around saying how wrong and dirty it is for folks to go around enjoying sex! It's a very pleasurable thing! It's been happening for centuries! They wouldn't call prostitution "the world's oldest profession" if it hadn't been found throughout history. That's just a different form of sex with a stranger. Granted, you open yourself up to more risks, but it's a far cry from the "instant AIDS/STD's" that the same people spout off about. Yes! You CAN hook up and come away with a pleasurable experience! It happens all the time! I'd rather be around sluts than prudes.
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