Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Tuesday Brain Dump

Albu-FUR-que is this weekend. Yay! I still have to mow the grass in the back yard. Hopefully we'll have a good turnout like last year.

I spent all day Saturday shampooing the carpet in the living room and the extra bedroom (clutter room). That took care of that dead chipmunk smell.

We made reservations for motels going up to and back from Yellowstone. I had to laugh when some motels in Sheridan, WY were asking well over $100/night. The rate we ended up with was not that much better unfortunately. Ah! Gotta love Summer tourist season! BTW, there are still a few spots open for Yellowstone Con! August 15-20 at Yellowstone National Park!

I got a call the other day from the job in Loveland, CO. I didn't get it. Boo-hoo. I applied for a promotion potential in this office. Notice that I'm not holding my breath. It was hysterical to hear from our regional personnel person that my application was incomplete. She let me file the form late since no one else filed the form either. She didn't understand why no one submitted this form! Ummm....Could it be that the title of the form was "Qualification for Federal Employment" and the job was only open to those people who are already in Federal service? Wouldn't that kinda make everyone already qualified?!?

I went to replace my ruined ancho/poblano chile plants yesterday. The nursery was sold out. So I bought 4 more cucumber plants instead.

Going to an Isotopes game tomorrow night. Yay! Orbit!

And now my brain is empty. The perfect state to go back to work.
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