Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

AlbuFURque VIII Meet Report

Another year, another successful furmeet in the land of enchantment! What started off as 8 furs getting together in 2003 has now blossomed in 2010 to 65 furs! Fur Central was bursting at the seems, but once everyone found a spot to hang out, it actually worked out very well. We had a group in the front of the house, a group watching movies in the living room, a group playing video games in the guest bedroom, the biggest group in the back yard either on the grass or on the patio, and even a group that went to the top of the mesa to hang out. There were a lot of talented artists sketching beautiful works including a pic of a "feral" Bear and Kitty (must scan!). There were LOTS of new faces which pleased me greatly! We heard that word got out on places like FA of a New Mexico furmeet and people made the trek to see what it was all about. There were a few folks who had never met another fur in real life before. They were totally immersed in furry goodness! There were folks who started off the party standing in a corner, but by evening's end were engaged in conversations with others. There was even some romance in the air as a few folks seemed to really hit it off (No! There was none of "that" at the party). I can't tell you how many people I put into a fursuit for the first time. I spent quite a lot of time helping folks into and out of suits. It was really a baptism by fire since temps were in the 90s. Even Mesa had a great time as 4 others brought their dogs. It was also great to have representatives from all over the state and not just the ABQ area. We had people from Roswell, Gallup, Taos, and Magdelena. Almost everyone brought something to eat so there was plenty to go around. I worked the grill, cooking up lots of burgers and hot dogs.

I can't do shout outs to all 60+ people that attended, but I can single out a few for special recognition:
It was great to once again see feralmuse who had been absent from the NM Fur community for a few years how. We still luvs ya.
Even pale goth foxes could not resist the temptation of the furmeet! Isn't that right mr_silvers?
"Farthest Traveled" goes to shajoni who came in from North Carolina. 2nd place goes to chaysefox who came in from Utah.

I'll have to post pics in a day or 2. While we never got a group shot like we did last year, there were some "interesting" moments caught on film. Hopefully I can encourage more of you to come on out next year. We're almost to that critical level where we can call it a con.
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