Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Turning in My LJ License

I'm getting bad about posting as of late. Could it be that boring Real-Life is taking over?!? *gasp* You know life is getting dull when you resort to bullet-points:

Had a nice relaxing Saturday with a BBQ at chucklemagne's and thechick's. I REALLY need to plant me some mint! Mojitos are full of win and I wanna make me some mint juleps!

Had a nice relaxing Sunday with a pool party at ari_foxy's. Threw out my knee trying to mount an orca. Once I did mount it I realized just how much of an inflation/latex fetish I DO have. Add 2 more chips to your "Sabot's Fetishes" bingo card.

The garden is still going nuts. Audrey II should be producing her 1st zucchini this week.

After reading all of the posts about AC, I might give it another shot next year. I REALLY need another con fix, and 6 months is way too long.

We actually had rain yesterday! Yay! And my rain gauge/weather station decided to actually work! 0.2" for teh win! Hopefully it is the start of a good monsoon season. We're hoping we get a visit from Alex this weekend. I'm just hoping the rain won't be oily. *snerk*

BBQ this weekend at Fur Central! I no have to werk on Monday so I can get nicely toasted on the 4th.
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