Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Like Omigod! He's Like Mr Bufo!

During the party on the 4th as most of us were watching fireworks, a few folks were sitting on blankets in the back yard. One of the folks came up to me and said, "Look what we found in your yard!" She opened her hands and there was a good-sized toad! WTF?!? I am miles from the river. What was a toad doing up where I lived?!? She put it back in the yard.

Last night Mesa pounced something while we were sitting outside. I investigated, and it was either the same toad from the night before or a different one. I think it is a Great Plains Toad They live in the uplands and hunt mainly at night. They burrow during the day. I put him in the garden so that he will hopefully eat bugs that may be threatening my crops. He was a cute lil bugger!

Oh, and the subject line comes from the song "Valley Girl." The scientific name of the toad is Bufo cognatus. Now THAT'S punny!

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