Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Garden Update

I meant to take a pic of the garden last night but just forgot. I'll have to post one in a couple of weeks as it approaches the 3-month mark. Needless to say that it is now entering jungle stage. I seriously need to measure how much area the 2 zucchini mounds are taking up. I'm glad I put them off in their own little corner because they have completely taken it over. So far we're up to 8 zucchini harvested. Once again they have been getting attacked by bugs, but I hope I can stay on top of that. A few squash bugs appeared, but I zapped them with Bug-B-Gone. There was a sick satisfaction as I sprayed a few while they were in act of making more squash bugs. At least they died happy. Aphids are becoming a problem. I went in to pick a zucchini and my arm was coated in the little green buggers. A dose of soapy water seems to be effective in keeping them at bay.

Cucumbers have been an interesting story. I initially put in 2 mounds, but they looked like they were struggling. I planted 4 more when I couldn't find replacement plants for 2 of my poblano peppers that had gotten munched. The cukes weren't doing too hot until the zucchini started taking over. Once the cukes started to get shaded out, it caused them to start sending out vines to capture more sunlight. I now have cucumber vines growing up the tomato cages and protective (i.e. keep-the-dog-out) fencing trying to stay ahead of the spreading zucchini plant.

The peppers plants have been a mixed bag. Something continues to munch on the stems. Someone suggested hornworms, but I'm just not seeing it. I'm thinking more rodent. One of my eggplants was just about to produce when I found the veggie in the middle of the yard. There were also teeth marks in it. The green peppers have been some of the best I have ever grown. They are big, beautiful, and tasty! I made a stuffed zucchini recipe that was a modified version of a stuffed pepper one. This time I actually cooked up the peppers this way. OMG good! I have picked several green chiles but have yet to taste them. I'm thinking rellenos next week. No poblanos or jalapenos yet due to whatever is eating the plants.

Tomatoes have still been disappointing. The plants are huge, lush, and green, but all of the flowers are not translating into tomatoes. I guess I'll just wait and see. There ARE green ones, just not in the abundance I was hoping for.

The other big success story has been the green beans. I threw them in as an afterthought since I had a little space. Only about 5-6 plants grew, but they have been prolific! I harvested my 100th bean the other day. I steamed 20 of them the other day for dinner, and they were so good I steamed 20 more.

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