Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Gas Line Fail!

Right after work I met Kitty and scritchwuff to do some shopping for the Yellowstone trip. We bought the "big" items like meat and booze. The plan was to freeze all of the meat so that by the time we got to the cabin, everything would be thawed out and ready to be put in the fridge. We arrived back at Fur Central and discovered the garage door wouldn't open. After flipping a few light switches we realized that the power was out. Kitty checked with the neighbors and found out that the power had been off for a couple of hours. D'oh! We quickly threw the meat in the freezer with the hopes that it would hold the cold until the power came back on. We then hopped back in the Furmobile and headed off to dinner. If the power had not returned when we got back, we would transfer everything to Scritch's freezer since he was not in the affected area.

About a mile from the house I looked up at the mesa and saw a huge flame shoot up. There was no pillar of smoke, just tongues of flame. When we got to the main road that leads up to the mesa I could clearly see a massive fire. Fearing that it was a brush fire that could possibly spread towards Fur Central, we headed up the mesa to see what was going on. It was certainly odd that the fire was burning with such little smoke. Having walked up there so much, I knew where all of the dirt roads were and where they lead. Soon we were very close to the source of the flames. The po-po had arrived and was sending us lookie-loos back to the road. That was fine. We now knew the cause of the fire. Scritch had managed to see the top of a backhoe near the flames. It had obviously been digging and probably ruptured a gas line. Whether that was cause of the power outage or not is the unanswered question. We continued on to the Japanese restaurant where we had a tasty dinner. Fortunately by the time we got home the power had been restored, and all was right with the world. Well, the house was hot as heck, but it would have been anyways since we're without any sort of cooling. Swamp cooler or refrigerated air, it doesn't make a difference when there is no electricity.
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