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Yellowstone Con: West Yellowstone Fursuiting

We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

Today (Wednesday) we decided to hit the attractions on the NW corner of the figure 8. We drove up to Mammoth to tour the hot springs found there. Unlike most of the springs in the park that are rich in silica, these are rich in calcium which causes them to form big beautiful terraces. We toured the major features and then made our way down to the historic "town" which used to be Fort Yellowstone. It was just around lunch time and there were inviting picnic tables, so we decided to dine there.

We then made our way slowly back south, hitting points-of-interest along the way. I had always wanted to stop at Obsidian Cliff, and now I got my chance. I was a little disappointed to see the area closed to people to keep folks from stealing pieces of the namesake volcanic glass. I walked along the other side of the road, however, to get a look at the feature. This was a classic example of over-reaction by the Park Service. Sure, people could loot a lot of obsidian, but there was SO much of it! Maybe they are just being proactive, but it would take a serious mining operation to ever deplete the area of the rock. *shrugs* Better safe than sorry I guess. We also hit up the Artist Paint Pots which was a neat geothermal feature. Finally we ended up back at the cabin at a very reasonable hour. I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to get a little suiting done in downtown West Yellowstone. There were some really neat bear sculptures as well as the Yellowstone sign. So Scritch suited up in his wolf and me in Sabot.

It was a really nice time. The wind was fierce which helped make suiting a breeze (*rimshot*). There were not a whole lot of tourists so we were able to get the pics we wanted with relative ease. Of course we were stopped a few times for pics. The overall reaction of the shop owners was very positive. It was a nice vibe. After suiting we headed back to the cabin for our usual relaxing dinner and drinks. The only bad thing was that the wind storm kicked up a LOT of dust. It was almost as bad as New Mexico in March/April.

And now on to the pics!
The obligatory sign pic!

I'm a sucker for high school locker room humor.

Typical Mammoth Hot Springs scenery.

More Mammoth

Weird travertine formation

Awesome sign in the visitors' center bathroom

Paint Pots

Go right, young wolf!

Everything was fine until I read "Best Behavior Please."

Life imitates art

Please! Don't leave!

He's got the whole world in his paws
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