Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


After 3 weekends in a row of being on the road and doing stuff, it was nice to have a weekend just to chill and relax. Oh wait. That WAS the plan until scruff_e_coyote and tkcoyote decided to come down for a visit. That's ok, however, because we luvs them so much! They showed up late on Saturday and I whipped up a tasty stir fry with chicken and cucumbers from the garden. On Sunday we had a chill day with a quick trip to Old Town where they shopped and I lamented the fact that I was not in fursuit entertaining all of the tourists that were there. In the evening ari_foxy and deviantvixen showed up for dinner where I grilled up some steaks and Kitty whipped up some homemade mac-n-cheese (but no tuna). Today we said our goodbyes to our dear friends and sent them on their way with 30 lbs of roasted green chile. I guess we lived up to the concept of Labor Day to its fullest in that we did as little labor as possible.
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