Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oh, teh hippocricee!

Since I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning, I was able to sleep in for an extra hour. I was then able to watch some morning news shows. Everyone was in a tizzy about the retarded minister who was going to burn the Quaran/Koran/whatever on 9/11. My brain broke when Matt Lauer of NBC made the statement, "The best thing we could do is just ignore this guy!" I think he saw the irony of his statement as his network had a whole team of reporters down there giving this douchebag all of the media attention he could get. YES! The best thing we could do in this situation is to ignore him! Talk about a tempest in a teacup! Do we give lots of media time to people who claim the Holocaust was a lie? Do we cover every event where someone burns an American flag? I am so totally disgusted with the media in this country right now. THEY might not want to turn away from this train wreck, but I certainly can. *click* There. The t.v. is now off. I win. You lose, especially if a few million other Americans choose to do the same.
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