Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Weekend of Not Doing Nothing

This was going to be a weekend of total relaxation. No Yellowstone. No Bubonicon. No house guests. No parade. Nothing! Leave it to ari_foxy to mess things up! He just had to go ahead and have a birthday on Saturday. How did he want to celebrate? Like a good furry he suggested fursuit bowling. So that's just what we did! Tonka Wolf came in from Clovis and the 3 of us suited up for an afternoon of sweaty fun. When we arrived at the alley the place was completely dead. We figured that everyone must have been at the State Fair. A little while later, however, a bunch of kids showed up for a birthday party. They LOVED us! There was much hugging and glomping. I had to use all of my strength to keep from being dragged over to their lanes. It was a great time. The manager really liked us and invited us back whenever we wanted. Cool! After bowling there was a small furmeet back at Fur Central. It was a nice relaxed affair. I took yet another fursuit virginity! YAY! The hit of the party was a 2-month old chihuahua puppy that got passed around for cuteness overload. His owner donned Zunipup for the ultimate "splode-from-cute" moment. You'll just have to go behind the cut to see the pic. Mesa had no idea what to think about the little guy. At one time the puppy gave a fierce little growl that caused Mesa to slink off. *lol* Wimp!

Bowling pic!

Abbey visualizing the pins as garbage cans.

ari_foxy as Isaak


Splode from kyoote!

Even dragoncrescent got the fursuit bug and put on Squawky Parrot

A Bubonicon pic from a couple of weeks ago that I neglected to post. Includes zippiner in her new partial and scritchwuff who decided not to suit while bowling.
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