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Santa Claws

My performance in the little office skit yesterday went very well. I wore my cheap gorilla suit that I bought in 1991 in my quest to own something furry. I also got to re-tell the story of having a beer with the boss on the patio of a local brewpub when a scuffle broke out between anti-war demonstrators and "pro-America" counter-demonstrators. This was right after 9/11 as the US prepared to attack Afghanistan. A fight broke out and one of the peace protesters was smacking someone on the head with his wooden sign bearing a peace symbol. I stood up and started singing "God Bless America." It was a wonderfully surrealistic scene which gets talked about frequently. It also resulted in my getting a letter to the editor posted in the Albuquerque Journal. But I digress...

I was contacted by Animal Humane yesterday afternoon. They're having their annual "Have your pet's photo taken with Santa" fund raiser. I did this last year and had a complete blast. They asked if I wanted to do it again, and I said, "Heck yeah!" So, a Santa suit but no fursuit (this year), but I will be actively working with them throughout the year in getting gigs lined up when I get my dog suit.

I'm sorry if I haven't been online lately. I really would like to chat with many of you, it's just that there hasn't been any time. Last night I went out for beer and $0.10 hot wings with furrysparkles. By the time I got home I had to make my weekly call to my mom who was worried because I didn't call on Sunday. I was then too exhausted to turn on the 'puter. I'm still trying to make up for all of the sleep I missed during the furmeet. Hmmm. PFD didn't last too long. And here you were all hoping for angsty posts.
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