Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The "Magic"

I had a pretty wonderful weekend. On Friday night I drove down to Roswell to hang out with silveronewunny and her hubby. She had invited other NM fursuiters to perform at a local event on Saturday. I was the only one to take her up on her offer. It was just very refreshing to have someone else plan a suiting event! The event was the Buddy Walk for people with Downs Syndrome. It was a pretty great gig! Our presence was very much appreciated. We had a great time interacting with all of the kids and adults. The walk itself went through the small Roswell Zoo. The black bear did not cooperate and stayed in his den despite all of my coaxing. The highlight was when the mountain lion got a glimpse of the wunny. Do want! *lol* You could almost see the thought bubble above its head thinking "om nom nom." We lasted in suit for about 3 hours. The temps were not bad, but the sun was pretty brutal. We retreated back home for showers and then it was time for some darn tasty Mexican food. I said my "goodbyes" and made the boring 3-hour trip back to ABQ.

I once again had that feeling that there is no way I could be a full-time professional suiter. I had 3 days of suiting during the week. That was about my limit. While there is the "magic" in the eyes of the people you're performing for, there is also that magic in doing the performance. Putting on the suit should always be a treat and something to look forward to. Once it becomes a "job" or a "chore," the magic is lost.
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