Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cold Snap

Oh! Hi, LJ!
You can tell life is just chugging along when my posting frequency falls to once a week. There just hasn't been a lot going on in life to make me want to make a post. There's some bullshit going on at work, but that's really nothing new. I did a mental post about it while on walkies, and it just rambled and rambled. Hence, no actual post. There should be stuff to post about after next weekend since we have a big fursuiting gig on Sat as well as a party.

You know things are boring when I have to rely on the weather to provide the topic for a post. We had a massive front move through yesterday with horrible winds and a plunging thermometer. There was a recorded wind gust of 90 MPH out on the eastern plains. I was ready for the weather since I read the forecast discussion put out by the NWS every morning. They were using terms like "scary fast jet stream" to describe the approaching storm. I see in the news that Chicago is supposed to get nailed today. Stay safe, guys! Temps plummeted over night. I'm not sure if the garden survived or not. The thermometer read 34 at 6 am, so I hope I dodged a bullet. The furnace also kicked in for the 1st time last night. Unfortunately there was dust on the burners since it was the 1st time it was ever used (outside of initial testing) and that set off the smoke detector at midnight. Grrrr! *poof* I'm hoping the cold temps will kill irrigation demand. The season ends on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to putting another year to bed.

BTW, I'm still reading everybody's posts, but I am in a non-commenting mood. Love y'all!
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