Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Truly Wonderful Halloween!

I have been reading a lot of great Halloween posts this morning. It's so great to hear so many fun and wonderful stories of people having a great time. Here's my contribution.

On Saturday we were invited by the City to perform in the Old Town Plaza. This was a major thing for me because we are finally actually getting some "official" recognition! All it takes is one person who thinks you're doing something awesome for the public. How refreshing! Our "sponsor" even arranged a changing room for us. Too bad someone forgot to tell him that they bug bombed it the day before and could not be occupied for 3 days. Oh well. He came through with a clean bathroom at one of the local galleries who also loved our presence and rewarded us with snacks and drinks. In all we had 5 full-suits, 2 partials, and 3 kiguramis/open-faced suits. The crowd loved us! We had a great time interacting with the kids and pets that were there for the event.

I had the crowd in stitches as I batted a poofy poodle tail with my paws while the pup just stood there wondering WTF was going on. There were some giant ren-fair-esque puppets that liked interacting with us. I bowed down an prayed to the giant dog puppet which confused the heck out of the guy inside. Later he started flirting with me. *lol* We stuck around until sunset and then retreated to Fur Central for a party.

In all we ended up with about 35 people. It was a very chill affair as usual with talking on the patio, video games in the guest bedroom, and bad horror movies on the big screen. I put in 2 zombie Nazi movies; "Shock Waves" and "Dead Snow". Of course I also had to put in "Army of Darkness" after those. I think everyone had a good time. More people got to try on fursuits for the very first time. There were also a few folks who had never been to a furmeet before show up to experience the joy of furry fellowship. It's a great compliment to us when folks say that they feel totally relaxed and at home when they visit. We must be doing something right!

On Sunday Kitty and I watched the Japanese horror movie "Hausu" or "House". I had read about this movie when it played at a local art film theater. It was supposed to be all sorts of fucked up. It did not disappoint! It's everything that bad experimental film from the 70's can be! There were all sorts of random imagery, music, sound effects, and plot points. It earns major kudos, however, for introducing me to piano and mattress vore.

In the evening deviantvixen came over to help pass out candy. We decided to do gender bending Disney with me in Daisy Duck and Kitty in Donald. One little kid told us that we were wearing the wrong costumes. I told him that we could be whatever we wanted on Halloween! The best "compliment" we heard all night was when a group of teenagers stopped by. They looked at us and said, "Oh yeah! I remember this house from last year!" *LMAO!!*

So it was a truly wonderful weekend. I had a total blast. I'm also lined up to do another couple of gigs for the City in Dec. There won't be a Furry Thanksgiving this year, but maybe we'll have to arrange some sort of Xmas meet. There will definitely be a New Year's Eve shindig.

Oh yeah! I forgot I had pics!


Frosty Husky and carol_kitty

ari_foxy plays with the giant puppet thingies

Sabot does the same

Kitty Power!

Kitty and Bear dancing to the band

ari_foxy lookin' good in his deer form

sophie_manx joined our merry band!

Frosty entertains the kiddies!

Sabot gets the little girl to clap to the music

Same little girl having fun with silveronewunny

Sophie, Ari, Kitty

*lol* Furries!

Kaycee, Silverone, and a future furry
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