Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Doggie Dash and Dawdle 2010

I just realized that this event for Animal Humane is my longest running consecutive year fursuiting gig! I have been doing this event every year since 2003! Every year it's a little bit different. This year introduced Frosty Husky to the fun of interacting with a few thousand dogs. Once again Kitty and I brought Mesa with us to socialize with members of his own species. It was a mixed bag since he actually snapped at a couple of dogs trying to be friendly. While we can appreciate that he is protective of his humans, we can't tolerate any aggressive behavior. He did strut his stuff, however, when given an opportunity to chase a plastic bag "rabbit" hooked up to a motorized pulley. He nearly took Kitty's arm off! I guess all of his experience chasing real bun buns up on the mesa have made him a formidable hunter. So let's have some pics!

It seems that every year I do this event, some new mascot shows up! This year it was MetLife's Snoopy. Louie Lobo from UNM also showed up, but he was such a non-player that we didn't even notice him until we started looking at pics later on. Orbit from the Isotopes also showed up, and I gave him a big hug.

Big Dog is BIG!!

A VERY friendly golden retriever. Note the dog slobber on my muzzle above my nose.

Zuni and Mesa

She has the cutest smile EVAR!

Husky meet husky
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