Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"You've Been Missing a Lot of Work There, Sabot"

"I wouldn't exactly say that I have been 'missing' it!"
*LOL* "Good one!"

That's one of our favorite lines at work from "Office Space."

After last week's cluster frak, it is a nice feeling that I will only have to be in the office 2 days over the next 3 weeks. I have been doing an Otto gig over the past 2 days, Thursday is Veterans' Day, I have contract administration training all next week, and then I'm off to Chicago for Thanksgiving the week after that. Woohoo! An added bonus is that my supervisor will be gone the 2 days that I AM in the office. *happy bear dance*

I guess it's kinda sad that my Otto gig doesn't even warrant its own post. The truth is that the gigs are surprisingly all very similar. When the kids arrive at the Water Festival, most are a bit unsure about the big goofy fursuiter. By lunch time the kids are getting into it, and there is a lot more interaction. By the time they're getting back on the buses, I'm mobbed for hugs, high fours, and fist bumps. Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so most classes ate lunch outside. I had a fun time going from group to group trying to give everyone a little attention. Today the weather turned cold and crappy, so everyone stayed inside the massive sports arena where the event was being held. I got a taste of what a professional mascot has to endure as I ran up and down the stairs of the stands. Someone started an "Otto! Otto!" chant which contributed to that sporting event feeling. I tried a new schtick of sliding down the railing. I didn't kill myself! I figured it was about as safe as trying to maneuver down the steep steps in my huge paws.

There was also good news and bad news at the event today. The good news was that a nice old lady helped sew on Otto's tail which was once again showing signs of wear from being pulled on. It turns out that she loves to sew and may be talked into making me a fursuit. The bad news was that everyone seemed to forget about me at lunch time. No one bothered to bring me anything to eat while I was entertaining the kids. *grump*
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