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Skeletons from the Closet: The Blue Jay Incident

I debated for a few hours whether I should post this or not, and I decided to go ahead and do it. It shows that I can be a real son-of-a-bitch if you fuck with me or my friends. I will describe what happened during my visit to LA over the 4th of July and referred to in a post made on July 9th entitled "Save the Drama for your Mama." I bring this up now because the person in question has hurt a friend, and I want the World to know what an asshole he is.

Right after Confurence this year albear introduced me to a fursuiter named BlueJay. He wasn't furry, but loved to fursuit. We started an online friendship. I was always happy to chat with him and hear about his fursuits and fursuiting adventures. When I planned to visit Al and dexter_fox in LA over the 4th of July, I asked Jay if I could visit him as well. He was very happy about that. Unfortunately, he and Al had had a falling out and were no longer talking to each other. This was awkward for me because I was caught in the middle. It was o.k. with Al that I would stay with him but visit Jay on Sunday. Right before the trip Al came down with a serious throat infection. I was panicky because I didn't know where I would stay if Al was too sick. I asked Jay if I could stay with him if Al didn't get better in time. He said yes. Well, Al did get better, so there was no need to stay with Jay. I thought I had sent him a message telling him this, but whatever happened, he somehow expected me on Saturday instead of Sunday. On Saturday he calls asking where I was. I was, in fact, fursuiting with Al in Big Bear. Jay was pissed that I hadn't contacted him. I was sorry for the misunderstanding, but it was early afternoon, so it shouldn't be a total loss. We asked if he would like to meet us for dinner, but he refused. He then went on to say that he wasn't sure if he wanted to see me at all on Sunday. I was crushed and tried to make amends. No matter what I said, nothing was acceptable. He told me I should call back on Sunday.

On Sunday I called him in the late morning and asked if it was o.k. if I came up to visit him. He was extremely pissed again that I called so late in the morning. I once again tried to make amends, but nothing was acceptable. After being berated for several minutes, I hung up on him. He called back and the same scene repeated. He called back again and this time I let Dex talk to him. The result was the same. We told him that since he didn't want to see us, we were going to fursuit at Venice Beach. This got him REALLY pissed. How DARE we fursuit without him! We shut the phone off.

We didn't fursuit Venice because we couldn't park close. We decided to fursuit Santa Monica Pier instead. Just before we about to suit up, Jay calls again and asks if we would like to have dinner with him and 2 other suiters we knew to try to salvage the day. Dex and I agreed to meet him....after Al and I suited. This was totally unacceptable! We had to leave for his place immediately! We opted for fursuiting and that was that. Later that night Jay called again a few times to both rant about his displeasure of the situation and to see if the friendship could be salvaged. I agreed to chat with him when I got home. At this point all I wanted was for him to leave me alone. He had tried to manipulate me the entire weekend and I had refused. He tried to tell me what a bad person Al was, yet here I was in his apartment experiencing a friendship I haven't known since college.

The next day Jay tried to call me on my cell phone about a half dozen times. Since my phone was packed away, I didn't hear it ring. It was only when I got home and saw how many missed calls I had that I started to realize that Jay was starting to become a stalker. That night we met on Yahoo Chat. I basically told him that I was at whits end, and I wanted him to fuck off. The next day he terminated our friendship.

I felt really bad that I was so harsh with him, but someone that tries to contact you THAT many times creeps me out. Anyway....I let the whole incident fade into memory. That was until Jay pulled some shit today to one of my friends that prompted me to make this post.

A very dear friend of mine had made friends with Jay totally oblivious to the events that happened in July. He and Jay became good friends. Well, Jay found out that this friend was going to meet me for Thanksgiving. He essentially told my friend that he could either be friends with him or me. When my friend came to visit me, Jay immediately terminated their friendship. My friends, this is totally FUCKED UP! My friend was devastated that he lost a friend for no reason at all. I also write this because I have a few friends in So. Cal. that I dearly love who are also friends with this asshole Jay. I hope he doesn't pull this same shit on you. Know that I will be your true friend.

I have withheld a lot of damning information. It took a lot to keep this post in check. A bear's love is great, but not infinite. </lj>
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