Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mom's So Far

Mesa has been slowly settling in. He's finally eating again. I have been taking him on walkies at the local forest preserve. I have been using my sister's expression, "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! World Wanker Update!" Chicago's forest preserves have been notorious for years for cruising. My sis coined the phrase because she would eat her lunch at a forest preserve when she worked for the Postal Service. She knew that a lot of the guys sitting alone in their cars were probably spanking the monkey. Today I found a fresh condom wrapper in the parking lot. The forest is a nice place to walk the dog, however. He got to chase a few squirrels today which was very funny. It's hysterical to watch an 80-lb dog trying to climb a tree. He also had a new experience today as he got to chase a white-tailed deer. I thought of plushlover when I saw all of the fluffy white tails high in the air as the small herd bounded away.

One thing that Mesa does not like are trains. I took him trainspotting on the Chicago "Racetrack" yesterday and today, but he was not amused when trains rumbled past him. Overall it has been disappointing for me. I only saw 1 intermodal today. Yesterday was only a little better with a 3-way meet between an EB Metra, a WB intermodal, and the WB Southwest Chief being the only excitement.

I had a Chicago-style hotdog today! Hooray for Henry's!

My old hometown is really going to the shitz. Four blocks from my mom's house someone firebombed a house which killed one person. I drove past the site today and noticed gang graffiti on the neighboring abandoned house which also burned. I also read that some gangbanger was killed in a drive-by last week about a mile away. I really want my mom to move, but I also saw how many of the old timers are still around when I took my mom to the senior center to pick up a free turkey. BTW, she's giving me the turkey since we're going to her brother's tomorrow, so we will have turkey at our holiday furmeet on the 18th.

I think that's about it. Hopefully Kitty will make it here tomorrow. She's going through Minneapolis which I just saw had the longest delays in the country. I'm also floored that the current drive from O'Hare to downtown is over 2-hours! I think I'll just cuddle up on the sofa with a nice beer and watch the ugly weather outside.
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