Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Happy Turkey Fursuit Day

I think only gilmorelion has a turkey fursuit, Tyson. And what a cute suit it is!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there in LJ Land. I looked back in my archives and saw that it was 8 years ago yesterday that I "officially" joined the fandom. I always thought it was the 18th, but on Nov 24, 2003 I made a post saying it was my 1-year annifursary. *shrugs*

If you are spending the day with friends/family, then that's awesome. Have a great time. If you're alone on this day, I want to give you a big, warm bear hug to let you know that you are NOT alone. One of the motivating factors for me trying to be so open and inviting in the fandom is that since I joined around the holidays, I saw a lot of loneliness and isolation out there. I kinda felt the same way, but I DID have a family that I could fall back on. A lot of folks out there came from broken homes or ones where they were not welcome. I wanted to change that in my own little way. For several years I have hosted "Albuturkey" where furs could show up if they had no where else to go. They have been wonderful events that have continued to grow. This year I wanted to spend TG with my mom because I don't know how many more holidays we will have together. I don't want to sound morbid, but she's in her mid-80's, so the reality is there. I can only hope that we'll have 15-20 more holidays together. But Albuturkey will return next year. If you have no place to go and want to bask in the glow of furry love *snickers* you can start making your plans now. This year we'll be having a Xmas party instead on the 18th. Once again, all are invited.

So once again have a wonderful holiday season from now until New Years. If you're lonely or depressed, drop me a line, post more to LJ, or hit me up on chat on those rare occasions when I sign on. Love you all! *HUGS*
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