Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Black Friday Fursuiting

Here is proof that you don't need a con to do some fursuiting in Chicago! I had wanted to get my pic taken in front of the Xmas tree in Daley Plaza as well as cheer up some shoppers on State St. We parked under Millennium Park and paid a quick visit to The Bean. There were quite a few tourists around, and once one asked for a pic with Santa Bear, the floodgates were opened for pics with everyone. Unfortunately for Kitty the temps were below freezing, so she started to get cold. We made our escape and continued east through downtown. Finally we reached Daley Plaza. There was also a Christmas bazaar going on. I posed for more pics, but Kitty noticed that the people putting on the event were giving us the evil eye. Perhaps it was because we were giving away pics and they were charging $20 to get a pic with Santa. *shrugs* I got my pic with the City tree and we headed back to the car. We made a side trip down State St passed Marshal Fields Macy's. We brought a lot of smiles to the shoppers and tourists. There were lots of kids enjoying the sights and sounds of the festive windows. Overall it was a great experience. About the only *facepaw* moment was when a family wanted to get their pic taken with me. One kid was afraid, so the mother started screaming at him to stop being such a muthahf'ing baby and get his muthahf'ing picture with the muthahf'ing bear. I wish Kitty had shot video of it because it would have made fursuiting history as much as "Look at dem titties!" Such tidings of joy!

And now...PICS!

This woman DEMANDED a pic with the bear. She was a lot of fun

This was another fun group. They were a bunch of ladies out on a shopping spree.

This baby was unsure of the big bear, but I eventually got a huge smile from her.

Nevada and the City Tree
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