Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Perfect Gig

I must say that I have had very few bad fursuiting gigs. I guess the old expression is true that a bad day fursuiting is better than a good day as a mundane. (or something like that *snerk*) Sometimes the stars align, however, and you get a truly memorable experience. This was one of those times.

On Friday night the City had their official lighting of the Christmas tree. It's a way for the merchants of Old Town to get people down there to shop. A group of 5 suiters helped to make the event a bit more fun for all. Combine beautiful weather with a festive crowd loaded with families and kids, throw in a lot of cameras, and add the fact that we were actually asked to perform instead of doing it "guerrilla style," and you have the makings for a fantastic event. About the only way things could have been better would have been if we had a headless lounge with an open bar. *chuckles*

We hit the Plaza around 5 and hung out until 7. Even the handlers wore open-faced Disney suits which added to the fun. You know you have a great crowd when even they were asked to pose for pics. There was no singular great moment, just lots and lots of smiles and hugs. I'm looking forward to my repeat performance there on Christmas Eve.

And now...some pics!

(l to r) Frost Husky, scritchwuff, silveronewunny, ari_foxy in Isaak, and myself in Nevada.

The gang again

Trippy slo-mo shot

Another group shot

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