Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Furry Xmas Party

Kitty and I once again opened up Fur Central for a Christmas Party last night. It was a total blast! There were somewhere between 20-30 folks, both furry and fur-friendly, who showed up at some point during the evening. It was another event where if you left hungry it was your own damn fault. I roasted a 17-lb turkey (which was still partially frozen when I cooked it despite being in the refrigerator for a week!) It turned out pretty well! Everybody brought something, so there was plenty to go around. Christmas t.v. favorites were played while everyone just hung out enjoying each others' company. We had a white elephant gift exchange which also went very well. Having a roomful of furs, however, means that pretty much every gift is somewhat furry. There wasn't a lot of stealing since everyone seemed to like their gift they received from the pile. We ended up with a nice nature-themed shower curtain and "Inception" which had been in our Netflx queue. The party broke up around midnight, and I was exhausted. Cleanup was bitch because there was so much food to put away. BTW, I splurged on some moderately expensive gruyere cheese from Costco, and it was sooooo tasty! I like good cheese so much! Maybe I'm part mouse as well. ;oP
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