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New Traditionalists

Merry Christmas to everyone!

A few years ago I made a post describing Christmas traditions that I grew up with. As time went on, however, I found myself taking comfort in new traditions that I had developed on my own. One of my new favorite traditions has been fursuiting on Christmas Eve on Old Town Plaza. We're finally getting to the point where the NM Furs are getting the respect of being asked to perform in an official capacity instead of guerrilla fursuiting. This year was just as fun as previous years. We arrived early so we could get reasonable parking as well as arrive on site while there was still sunlight. this year I was joined by zippiner as well as xyphoidmax. As in previous years I was mobbed for pix as soon as I stepped paw on the Plaza. We noticed the glow of bright TV lights over by the Xmas tree, so we made a beeline for that spot. I tried to get my pic taken with the Channel 7 weatherman, but the camera was not cooperating. From what I have heard, however, we were on screen for quite a bit of time while he did the evening weather.

For the rest of the evening we stayed close to the City's Xmas tree where there was a lot a traffic. It was pretty much non-stop picture taking for almost 2 hours. This time of year is wonderful for pic because young and old want to get a big hug from the fuzzy critters. A few times I heard "YAY! Santa Bear is back!" which made my heart leap knowing that he's becoming an annual expected fixture at the event. All in all I was in suit for about 2 hours before I wanted to call it a night. While I love performing, it was also Xmas Eve. I wanted some down time with myself as well as spending time with Kitty.

Today I kept up another tradition of watching "A Christmas Story" while dressed in my pink bunny sleeper. I wish I had an awesome Aunt Clara who would send me cool stuff like that every Christmas!

Other traditions for today included giving the pets deluxe wet food instead of their usual dry food. Both *nom'd* in record time. We also watched "Miracle on 34th St" and "Santa and the 3 Bears" which I found on Netflix On Demand. "S&t3B" was done in 1970 and is a perfect timepiece for animation of the time. The plot is lame and overly long, but it has cute bears! What more do you need?!?

And now...PICS!
xyphoidmax, myself, and zippiner on Old Town Plaza

Kitty kiss!

Nevada and his fangirl. Yeah, they're all part of the furfriendly group

Even relatives of the fur-friendly crowd had fun!
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