Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Deja Woof

A few days ago, scritchwuff posted in his LJ that a dog followed him home while he was on his daily walk up on the mesa. This would be a few miles to the south where I found Mesa almost 3 years ago. He brought the pup over to see how he would get along with Mesa. They seemed to tolerate each other, so we offered to foster him until the owner could be found. If no one claimed him after a month, we might consider adopting him ourselves. We know he's an intact male. We have no idea about age, but his teeth are nice an clean like Mesa's were when he was about 6-months old. He's definitely got a lot of Australian cattle dog/blue healer in him. His face suggests some corgi as well. I'll have to post pics so you can all help us decide his mix. He's a handful in terms of being totally untrained. He's certainly a "pet slut" like Mesa and demands to be petted at all times. I took him for walkies yesterday off-leash since he is not leash trained. He ran off after a few bunnies, but always returned to Mesa and me. I'm not sure how I feel about having another dog. When I got Mesa, Anubis was already on his way out, so I really wanted a replacement dog (for lack of a better term). I'm just not getting that same emotional attachment to this dog. Looking back at my LJ post from when I found Mesa, there was an almost instant bond. I'm just not feeling it this time. *shrugs* We will see.
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