Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Year's Panic Attack

Here's to kicking off 2011 in a potentially stressful way. The morale of the story in advance is to not let shit get you down. On Friday I nearly had an emotional meltdown. I was stressing about keeping the pup I had mentioned in my last post. On top of that the nice calm dinner I had planned for NYE was threatened by a turkey that refused to thaw even after almost 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Add to that a potential leak in the upstairs bathroom as well as a computer that seemed in imminent danger of exploding. Tie all of that up in bow of leaving for FC in a week with a sprinkle of work worries that I had not finished all of the shit I needed finishing by the end of the year. Yeah. I was majorly bummed!

It took all of my mental effort to overcome all of those hurdles, but I finally came to that realization of "Que sera, sera."

The leak issue resolved itself when a friend came over and together we climbed into the crawlspace to figure out that it wasn't a critical issue. It could easily be postponed until after FC. Dinner resolved itself by working on the stubborn bird until it was able to be stuffed and put into the oven. Dinner would be late, but it would be done! The computer issue was solved by tearing it apart and seeing that the potential problem was a small cooling fan that was a little bit loose. A little jiggling of a board resolved the problem. The dog problem was resolved in 2 different ways. First, scritchwuff agreed to adopt the dog. That was a major relief that I wouldn't have to adopt him nor have to take him to Animal Humane. But then the issue further resolved itself this morning as the pup hopped the fence and disappeared over the mesa, not to be seen again. In terms of work, I refuse to let that place get me down! I will work for a week and then forget about the place for 10 days as I enjoy FC. Like I was told a few weeks ago at a training class; you can't be fired for just doing your job. So that's just what I'll do! So how's that for a start to 2011!
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