Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A "Caddyshack" Moment

albear, dexter_fox, and I just got back from the pool of the Fairmont. Dex and I had just finished fursuiting and decided a nice dip in the pool would cool us off. Today has been the first really nice day in the past 3 with lots of gorgeous sunshine. I could write about the fursuiting, which was epic since it was mainly of the guerrilla variety and I was mobbed by kids, but I shall instead write about the pool incident because it is much more *lol*-worthy.

The pool water was tepid at best, but not bad after the initial shock. We all three jumped in and made our way to the deeper end, you know, the end that was a whopping 5' deep. I'm not sure what the conversation was at the exact moment, but it was about things floating in the pool. I pulled a small leaf off of Albear's back. Dex made a joke about something else in the pool and began to laugh. I looked over his shoulder and, after the initial shock of the moment wore off, also began to laugh loudly. Albear turned around and let out a shout of horror. Floating in the water was a condom. Dex and I remained in hysterics while Al made a hasty retreat from the water. There was a moment of indecision as to what the next step would be. If we called the front desk, it could mean closing of the pool, a possible fine against the con, and perhaps the draining of the entire pool. I decided that the best course of action was to quietly remove the offending rubber with the pool skimmer and then head off back to the room for a cleansing shower. Stay classy, furries!
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