Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Con Report From The Road

We're just outside of Needles heading east on I-40. It looks like we'll overnight in Flagstaff again. I just made a reservation while cruising through the Mojave. I love technology!

We left the Fairmont at just after 7 this morning. We had planned on having a nice breakfast with Al and Dex before we all headed south on the 5, but no one was really hungry. We all had a nice surprise when we discovered the gate to the parking lot open. Woohoo! I parked for over 4 days for only $10!

The con was a real mixed bag for me. I'm really losing my desire to go to cons for the sake of going to cons. I probably fursuited more at this con than at the any in the recent past, but even then the most fun that I had was interacting with the regular folks by the ice skating rink or across the street at the park. I also suited in Quewe more than any other con. I love the challenge of performing in him, but he is a really hard suit to wear for any length of time. I really pushed myself one night and almost got heat exhaustion.

Anyway...I'm getting that feeling that quite a few furs get when they have been in the fandom for many years. It's a little bit burnout and a little bit not digging the ever-evolving fandom. I walked into a dance and saw a bunch of young kids flailing around with their glowsticks and just walked out to enjoy the awesome guitarist in the lobby. The fursuiting community also seems to be suffering from dilution as well. I think the one suiter I saw sums up my feelings quite well. He was the one with his head off outside the back door with a beer in one paw and a cigarette in the other.

To those people I saw and got to spend a little time with, it was great! I love y'all! To those that I had wanted to see/meet and didn't, I'm sorry. That's one of my biggest frustrations at any con. I'll probably go to FC again next year especially if they move to the new venue. After that...we'll just have to wait and see.
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